Brownbill Study Day - September 2021

Our case managers along with our Business Support team attended an excellent Study Day recently, which was in the form of a Case Study relating to the journey of one of clients who sustained a brain injury in a road traffic accident.

The first presentation was by Karl de Loyde, Partner and Senior Serious Injury Supervisor from Thompsons Solicitors. Karl provided us with the background to the client’s case, the circumstances of how they acquired their injury and the litigation process. 

This was followed by a presentation by Laura Seager, Senior Case Manager with Brownbill Associates.  “The A-Z of Case Management” detailed her involvement in the case from initially being appointed to provide an Immediate Needs Assessment report to being appointed as case manager to implement the recommendations of the initial report and case management plan. 

Laura’s presentation included a number of “then and now” videos which tracked the progress the client made once a case manager was appointed; from the starting point of a nursing care home resident, through his rehabilitation program, to being able to live in his own home with the support of his directly recruited support team.

We were also delighted to hear from a member of the client’s family who expressed her gratitude and appreciation for Laura’s input, along with that of the litigation team, deputy and therapists, and highlighted ways in which case management can work with and involve family members and support them through the process.

We then enjoyed a presentation by Andrea Ingledew of EMG Solicitors who acts as the client’s financial deputy.  Her presentation provided background into the way the Deputy works closely with the client and family, case management and the litigation team to ensure the best use of the client’s funds to facilitate rehabilitation, recovery and quality of life post injury. 

Natalie Mincher-Lockett, Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) with Speech Advance posed the question “What is Communication?”.

Her lively and entertaining presentation addressed this question by showing how communication can be affected after a brain injury. Natalie shared videos with the audience which showed us the client’s amazing progress during therapy sessions and his great sense of humour!  Natalie’s enthusiasm for her work was infectious and her admiration for her clients was clear to see.

Laura and Andrea joined forces for the final presentation which detailed how case management and the deputy work together following the settlement of the case. 

All who attended found the day inspirational and uplifting.  Our Business Support team were able to see evidence of how the vital support they provide to our case managers with administration, recruitment, payroll and compliance matters contributes to the smooth running of the client’s case management package.

Laura Seager and Natalie Mincher-Locket
The Brownbill Team
Brownbill Study Day
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