Great Feedback from our Client's Family

We are always delighted to share positive feedback from our clients and their families.  This is one example of a daughter’s feelings after spending a day with her father:

“I just wanted to email to say that I am so impressed with dad’s progression and where he is at with his care package overall.

Yesterday I spent a full 12 hours with him and it was so interesting to see how his day is structured, the dynamics between dad and the staff and how dad engages in the activities across the day. 

What I saw was just amazing.

His day is structured really well; right from the moment he wakes up, till night when he sleeps.  Everything flows and has a really good balance to it. He is given rest periods in between activities, which boosts his energy and refreshes him.  There’s such good conversation between dad and the staff members and dad is so relaxed around them now and his confidence has built. It is like just watching him with a second family I would say – that’s how good it is.

I can see a variety of activities going on, each staff member bringing a different element, including baking low sugar recipes and monitoring his blood sugars well, new activities such as gardening, incorporating physical fitness either with a bike session or a walk to the shops.

Staff are brilliant at asking dad for consent and explaining what they do each time they administer meds, take blood sugars or do temperatures.

This has been so lovely to see and just had to share this, as I was so impressed by dad and by the efforts of the care team as well.

I walk in and see dad receiving this amazing care and support, with staff who really engage with him, and dad even refers to his support worker as a friend, he’s just so comfortable in his setting and with staff who are meeting his needs across so many levels. Also, its lovely to see dad having such a high quality of life again.

So I have to say a big thankyou to everyone for all your work.

The case manager oversees and leads this wonderful package and has helped to build a 'dream Team’

Thank you everyone from us all as a family. You are all brilliant - and we are so pleased we have such wonderful people working with dad!”

This is a wonderful example of how case management can improve a client’s quality of life in so many ways.


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