Head First Conference - May 2017

Brain Injury Group – Head First Conference – 4 May 2017

Jaime Patt one of our case managers, attended this one day conference held at Central Hall, London on 4 May 2017.

The theme of the conference was “Riding the Rapids – Negotiating the Challenges of Life After Brain Injury.”

Challenges arise as a consequence of the very nature of brain injury; the dynamic balance between engaging and empowering the client whilst also keeping them safe.  As professionals, travelling with the client on their journey through life, we also face our own challenges often against a backdrop of limited resources in addressing conflicting expectations, perspectives, needs and demands of the systems and individuals around the client.

Presentations throughout the day were designed to assist with negotiating these challenges.

The presentations included:

• Family Perspective: The Journey
• Getting Present – Creating the Open Channels
• River Listening Techniques for navigating the client’s values
• Safe Passage through the Turbulent and Treacherous Waters
• Mayday and Rescue Remedies

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