Our Client Ciaran has had a very busy Summer!

One of our clients, Ciaran, has had a very busy Summer 2017.

In June Ciaran took part in a showcase with the dance group that he is involved with.  Ciaran wanted to share with us what his dancing means to him:

“A Bit about my Dance
I have been dancing for a few years now and I love it.  I am a trainee in a dance company now with other people like myself and we all get on together like good friends.  At the moment we are getting ready to go on tour next year and doing a workshop and I am really excited to do it.
I have just been in a showcase showing a piece of dance called Frame.  It begins in an art gallery and we all come alive as someone walks by us.  I have enjoyed making this because it was a different way of moving.
I have enjoyed doing dance because it shows a lot of people what I can do and it helps me to keep moving.  I get out of dance lots of different ways of moving in my wheelchair like turning around on the spot and letting people jump on my wheelchair to create a dance and sometimes I can go around in a circle when they standing on the back.”

Ciaran also participated in the Special Olympics in Sheffield in August and won a gold medal in Boccia.

Boccia is a sport designed for athletes with high support needs. It is a target sport played indoors with soft leather balls.

Vanessa Haddrell, Ciaran’s case manager told us that Ciaran won all his matches and his family were quite rightly extremely proud of his wonderful achievement.

This is what Ciaran told us about his experience at the Special Olympics:

“I went to the Special Olympics in Sheffield for a week this summer and to have a bit of a holiday.  I had my family come from Ireland to watch me play. I played Boccia in the games and other people came from England to play against each other in different sports. They had a good opening ceremony with some great acts like Tony Hadley was part of it.  They had the opening ceremony at the Sheffield Football Stadium. Me and my brother went to see some of the different sports on the days off, things like the gymnastics.”

Well done Ciaran!

Ciaran participating in his dance
Ciaran and his dance
Ciaran participating at the Special Olympics
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