"The Covid Kaleidoscope: A disabled person's eye view of the Pandemic" by Reesha Armstead

Our client, Reesha Armstead knows all too well what it means to cope with adversity in life.  She lives with cerebral palsy, but she has never let her disability define who she is or what she achieves.  Throughout her life, Reesha has cultivated a strong mindset that has enabled her to adapt and navigate her way through life’s ups and downs.

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept around the globe in 2020, we all faced unprecedented challenges and were forced to adapt to the “new normal”, regardless of our situation.  In her insightful and inspiring book, Reesha follows the timeline of the Covid 19 pandemic, sharing her own experiences of living through these strange times.  She also seeks to shine a  light on the impact that various decisions made by the State have had on the disability community as a whole.

She shares personal memories and stories from her past, to show how she has developed resilience and a strong mindset that has seen her and her family through the pandemic.

Although The Covid Kaleidoscope examines the pandemic from different perspectives, this book is not only for those living with a disability, it is for everyone facing adversity.  Whilst the pandemic is a central theme, through telling her story, Reesha teaches us about strength, positivity and ultimately the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation for all that we have.

A message from Reesha:

"To all my fabulous family, friends and supporters!

At last, the news is out! I am so excited to finally be able to announce that my NEW book The Covid Kaleidoscope – A Disabled Person’s Eye View of the Pandemic is OUT NOW and available in both paperback and on Kindle!!!

You can purchase The Covid Kaleidoscope – A Disabled Person’s Eye View of the Pandemic here: https://amzn.to/3dPbTIQ

I would love for you to support me in raising awareness of the issues faced by disabled community by buying a copy of my book and to realise my dream of becoming a Best Selling Author! 

You can see a video trailer for the book right here: https://fb.watch/f3lul7RH2c/

And even watch me being interviewed by friend, fellow author, mentor, International Speaker, Selfloveologist and TEDx Speaker, Lisa King, who is always by my side and pushing me forward, here: https://fb.watch/f3pBl1jGub/

I have poured my heart and soul into this book as it aims to deliver a new perspective in order to educate and raise awareness for the disabled community and the hardships they went through during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book and would be grateful if you could please leave me a review on Amazon once you've read it!"

Find our more about Reesha at her website: www.reeshaarmstead.com

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Reesha's book
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