Acquired Brain Injury

Clients of Brownbill Associates Ltd usually have an acquired brain injury at the very severe end of the spectrum. A very severe brain injury is usually defined as having lost consciousness for over 48 hours and / or post traumatic amnesia (PTA) of seven days or more.  The effects of an acquired brain injury can be extensive and each person's injury is unique. The symptoms arising from a brain injury can include one or all of the following and range from mild to severe.

  • Coma and reduced awareness states: these can last for a few seconds or a few weeks
  • Cognitive problems: this means problems with mental abilities such as memory, concentration, problem solving and speed of thought
  • Communication problems: this includes difficulty understanding language and expressing thoughts with language, difficulty with the physical ability to speak and cognitive communication difficulties
  • Emotional and behavioural problems: examples include agitation, anger and irritability, lack of insight, impulsivity, poor motivation, self-centeredness, depression, anxiety
  • Executive dysfunction: this means difficulty with a range of cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems stemming from injury to the frontal lobes of the brain, for example, planning, multi-tasking, solving problems, social behaviour, motivation, decision making, inhibiting inappropriate behaviour etc.
  • Physical problems: this means difficulty with issues such as movement, balance and coordination, loss of sensation, epilepsy, fatigue, swallowing disorders, bladder and bowel incontinence

People who sustain a severe brain injury have very particular needs and it is important to have a case manager who understands the various manifestations of brain injury. Case managers at Brownbill Associates Ltd have this expertise, which means they are able to support the injured person and their family appropriately and help them understand their particular situation and likely recovery process. Having a knowledgeable professional means they can help you gain the right rehabilitation and support.

Rehabilitation is important to help the brain re-learn ways of operating, maximise the person's potential and adjust to any remaining and enduring disabilities.

Case managers from Brownbill Associates Ltd are skilled at working with clients with multi-faceted and complex needs.


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