Case managers at Brownbill Associates Ltd are frequently asked to assist clients who have lost all or part of one or more of their limbs.

Loss of a limb in traumatic circumstances is a devastating experience for an individual and the case manager's role is to coordinate services to help them cope with the practical issues and the emotional impact on them and their family.

One of the most important aspects of the case manager's assistance is to ensure the client receives the right prosthesis and rehabilitation to maximise their recovery and functional ability in all aspects of their life. This often means appointing a specialist private rehabilitation provider to coordinate a multi-disciplinary service of specialist prosthetics, orthotics, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Private wheelchair provision is also often required.

Depending on the individual's recovery and the level of function they regain, adaptations to the home may be required to ensure they have full access to their home and their independence is maximised. Support workers may also be required to assist with various activities of daily living.

If returning to work is appropriate then the case manager will facilitate this process with the employer. This means ensuring reasonable adaptations are made to the physical work environment and also to the work pattern to ensure sufficient rest periods etc. are available.

The case manager will work collaboratively with the client and their family to provide an appropriate level of assistance according to the client's abilities, home situation and physical and psychological needs.

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