Case Management for Children and Young People

What a Case Manager at can assist you with

The case managers at Brownbill Associates Ltd who work with children, young people and their families have significant experience and understanding of the particular issues that affect this group of individuals. We recognise that children and young people are vulnerable and require strong advocates to support them. Assisting the child or young person to maximise their potential is of paramount importance to our case managers, and to that end they work closely with the client's family or representative to achieve the best outcomes, whatever they may be.

Our case managers have a professional understanding of the client's condition and are skilled at working with families and the inherent dynamics. They have a desire to promote a child's development and enable them as much independence as possible, often by coordinating appropriate care and rehabilitation. In addition, the case managers have a determination to facilitate opportunities to develop clients' personalities and life experiences. A thorough understanding of the educational system means our case managers are well placed to help children and young people with additional needs get the most from their education.

It is important that you choose a case manager the child, young person and family can work with well, and so Brownbill Associates Ltd offers a free introductory meeting for you to meet a potential case manager in person; the meeting usually lasts around 45 minutes to one hour. The meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions about them as individual case managers and about Brownbill Associates Ltd as an organisation. When you have made your decision on who you would like to be your case manager, your solicitor usually informs Brownbill Associates Ltd of the outcome.

If you appoint a case manager from Brownbill Associates Ltd, the case manager will then visit you to undertake an assessment and discuss with you and / or your family your needs and goals. They then prepare a report with recommendations to achieve the outcomes you desire and develop an individually tailored programme of care, support and rehabilitation, with estimated funding and a case management action plan. The report is typically sent to your solicitor who will forward a copy to you and your family.

Thereafter, the case manager will work with you to implement and co-ordinate the recommendations over whatever period of time it may take to achieve your goals. Our case managers are often involved with their clients for numbers of years due to the severity and enduring nature of their client’s condition and a need for lifelong support.

Our case managers act as your advocate and communicate your needs, where necessary, to all relevant parties, for example your family, litigation team and professional property and affairs or personal welfare deputy.

Some of the key tasks a case manager may support you with are as follows:

  • Liaise and work with a residential rehabilitation facility or hospital to facilitate a safe and timely discharge to your home in the community
  • Assist with the recruitment, selection, training, supervision and management of any directly employed support workers to work with you and your family
  • Alternatively, research a care agency and work together to provide appropriate agency support workers to deliver your care
  • Locate an appropriate rental property and / or property to purchase and advise on property adaptations as required
  • Appoint specialist paediatric therapists and co-ordinate their involvement plus any required medical needs
  • Research and assist in acquiring specialist equipment, including a vehicle
  • Liaise with school / college / university to ensure all needs are met within this environment and facilitate collaborative working
  • Facilitate participation in appropriate volunteering, vocational, leisure and local community activities
  • Monitor and review all support and interventions to ensure they continue to meet your needs
  • Produce case management update reports to inform all relevant parties of progress

Your case manager is likely to visit you frequently at first in order to get to know and understand you and your situation and subsequently on an as required basis. They will also contact you by telephone and / or email to exchange information and keep up-to-date with events and tasks that they need to help you with.

As agreed with you, your case manager will inform your solicitor, therapists, medical professionals etc. of progress and changes to your situation.

Your case manager will continue to work with you for as long as required.

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