Acquired Brain Injury

The children and young people with an acquired brain injury we meet at Brownbill Associates Ltd have usually been injured in an accident, but sometimes it is as a result of meningitis or encephalitis.

A brain injury has a devastating and enduring effect on a child or young person and their family. A case manager from Brownbill Associates Ltd will provide practical support and assistance to help navigate a pathway through the ensuing difficulties. A brain injury affects each person differently and issues range from physical disabilites, to emotional and behavioural problems and cognitive impairments.

A case manager will help the child or young person get the help they need, particularly after discharge from hospital. It is important that rehabilitation and regaining independence continues after the acute phase, and this may be either in a residential rehabilitation unit or with a specialist therapy team at home.

The main goal of case management is to help our clients adjust to life with a brain injury and maximise their recovery and potential.

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