Spinal Cord Injury

A traumatic event that results in a spinal cord injury and paralysis is very difficult for a child or young person and their family to come to terms with, and a lot of support is provided by the hospital staff in the early stages.

A case manager typically becomes involved prior to discharge or once the child has returned home, but the earlier the better so that the case manager can provide practical assistance to the child or young person and family. Based on significant experience of working with children with complex needs, case managers from Brownbill Associates Ltd will help with issues such as the acquisition of wheelchairs and other items of equipment plus adaptations to the family home to facilitate discharge home from hospital.

It is important that the child's rehabilitation and adjustment continues once they are home and the case manager will help to ensure they have specialist therapists available, and nurses if required. Returning to school is another major step in a child's recovery and, in collaboration with the child and the family, the case manager will assist with the necessary arrangements.

A child or young person with spinal cord injury usually requires regular medical reviews and the case manager will assist with these, for example, coordinating appointments and arranging transport to and from the hospital.

It is important to help the child or young person focus on maximising their capabilites, developing their self-esteem and achieving their aspirations for life, and a case manager will help to create opportunities for their client accordingly.

Brownbill Associates Ltd will provide a comprehensive case management service for as long as the child or young person needs it, but will also point them towards the other many sources of information and support available.    

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