Case Management

working collaboratively

Our Case Managers work collaboratively with their clients and families. The aims are to meet clients’ health and social care needs, achieve the highest quality of life for clients and reach the client’s life goals. 

It is important that you choose a case manager you can work with well, and so Brownbill Case Management offers a free introductory meeting for you to meet a potential case manager in person; the meeting usually lasts around 45 minutes to one hour. The meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions about them as individual case managers and about Brownbill Associates Ltd as an organisation. When you have made your decision on who you would like to be your case manager, your solicitor usually informs us of the outcome. 

Those case managers who work with children have significant experience and understanding of the particular issues that affect this group of individuals. We recognise that children and young people are vulnerable and require strong advocates to support them. Assisting the child or young person to maximise their potential is of paramount importance to our case managers, and to that end they work closely with the client’s family or representative to achieve the best outcomes, whatever they may be. 

A case manager may support you with:

What to expect

Your Case Manager will visit you to get to know you and undertake an assessment to determine your needs and goals. They then prepare a report with recommendations to achieve the outcomes you desire and develop an individually tailored programme of care, support and rehabilitation, with estimated funding and a case management action plan. The report is typically sent to your solicitor who will forward a copy to you. 

 Thereafter, the case manager will work with you to implement and co-ordinate the recommendations over whatever period of time it may take to achieve your goals. Our case managers are often involved with their clients for a number of years due to the severity of their client’s condition and need for on-going support. 

Our case managers act as your advocate and communicate your needs, where necessary, to all relevant parties, for example your family, litigation team and professional property and affairs or personal welfare deputy. 

Your case manager will continue to work with you for as long as required.