Stars of the Month

As part of Active Care Group, Brownbill are included in internal awards programmes, including their new initiative ‘Stars of the Month’.

“The awards are designed to celebrate the incredible work, dedication, care, and collaborative spirit that each of you brings to our business every day. They are also designed to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our leaders against our new 10 Leadership Principles.” – Keith Browner, CEO of Active Care Group.

We were pleased to see that in February our Office Manager, Hollie Shrives (left) and our Clinical Director, Helena Bryant (right) have been nominated.

Hollie has only been with Brownbill a short time but has already made an impact on our business. She has picked up projects and run with them, got to grips with our business processes and made improvements.

Hilary Tonkin, Operations Manager at Brownbill said “Hollie is a pleasure to work with and she is well-deserving of being awarded our Star of the Month. Hollie has a real “can do/will do” approach and is really supportive of her colleagues and the management team. In the short time that Hollie has worked at Brownbill she has proved to be an asset and as her knowledge of Brownbill and case management grows we are sure she will go from strength to strength. Hollie is a very popular member of our team.”

Helena’s nominator said, “Helena is always available for all the staff when they need to discuss an issue or concern. Despite having a huge workload and being responsible for two roles Helena always makes sure you feel listened to and valued. Helena also offers sound advice and will reflect with you when trying to learn from any issues. Helena helps you to find solutions for our clients and staff. Helena will also reflect with the team and identify if any additional training is needed to ensure as a team we always give our best to our clients, staff teams and commissioners. Helena goes above and beyond in her role and it would be a lovely surprise for Helena to receive some recognition for her incredible work ethic.”

Congratulations, Hollie and Helena!